Ministry of Ushers

  • Ushers (ministers of hospitality) play a crucial role in the Church because they are so visible. The attitude, conduct and appearance of an usher could directly affect, either positively or negatively, the experience of the faithful at Mass.

    These are some of the basic duties of an usher:  

    • Ensure that collection baskets, bulletins and any other handouts are in the proper place before Mass
    • Greet people as they enter the church
    • Attend to newcomers and the disabled if needed
    • Assist the people with seating when necessary
    • Take up the collection(s)
    • Select people to present the gifts
    • Help maintain order at Communion
    • Open the church doors at the end of Mass

    If you are interested in this ministry, please let one of the ushers know or the rectory.

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