Music Ministry

  • The young David played and sang psalms for Saul. The music soothed the King's spirit and helped drive away evil spirits.

    Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn to God at the last supper. Jesus was about to begin the most difficult time in his short life.

    Imagine the relief this singing gave him as it helped calm his troubled thoughts. When the Israelites were captive in Babylon, they were asked to sing the songs of praise to the one God.

    Their beauty and power must have been legendary.

    Singing with one another; with your friends and family gives strength. God's word, when sung brings peace and gives inspiration. Singing today in church serves this same pure purpose. Congregational singing combines the power of all those who participate and makes an exceptionally strong statement to God.

    Occasionally, the congregation might sit in silence and find inspiration in soft playing or the listening to an unfamiliar but uplifting melody. But in all cases, music should elevate us. This is the job of the music ministry here at Queen of Peace and St Veronica's.

    Whether through a cantor leading all in song or a choir blending their voices to uplift the congregation, there are opportunities to serve in this ministry.

    If you can sing in front of people, cantoring might be for you. If you like to sing but prefer to blend in and not stand out, the choir would like you to join us in our weekly celebration.

    If being at the 8:00 am or 9:45 am every week is difficult for you, but you can make the regular rehearsals, the important events such as Christmas, Holy Week, and Confirmation which take more preparation can use extra voices to make the occasions inspirational and memorable.

    Please contact Fran at the Rectory at 226-3183 or Kevin at 352-6512 and let us know you're interested.

    Our rehearsals are Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Queen of Peace, and our weekly Mass is the 8.30 am. At St. Veronica's the Mass is at 10:00am Sunday with rehearsals to be det