Ministers of the Altar

  • Altar Servers

    There is always a need for Altar Servers. Since you are coming to Church every Sunday anyway, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your children (from 3rd grade up) serving the Lord. It is a wonderful ministry for children, that does not take up much of their time. We can work with your scheduling difficulties if that is what is holding you back.

  • Eucharistic Ministers

    We always welcome new Ministers and at this time we would like to ask parishioners to think and pray about becoming a Eucharistic Minister. They are at Mass to help the priest distribute the Holy Eucharist. They are ordinary people who are willing to serve God’s people in this very special way.

  • Lectors

    They proclaim the Word of the Lord in a way that makes the Lord’s day more meaningful to the parishioners. There are workbooks to practice with, that are given to you at the beginning of the liturgical year, and you will be properly trained.

  • Cantor

    A cantor in the Catholic Church is a single person or persons within a parish who act(s) as a music leader, Psalm verse singer, and a general facilitator of the congregation's worship experience.

  • Adult Altar Servers

    Adult Altar Servers are needed to assist Father Beck and guest priests with Funeral Masses, usually following the 9:00 am Mass or Saturday Liturgy of the Word, also when we do not have an Altar Server for weekend Mass.

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