Catholic Outreach Ministry

  • The Outreach Ministry is a ministry of people who are here to help those of our parish who are elderly or disabled; that are homebound.

    They bring the Most Holy Sacrament to them, spend some time and talk; see how their day is going. It is a wonderful and fulfilling ministry that helps both the homebound and yourself.

  • Holy Communion

    If you would like to receive commuinion one time or on a regular basis, please contact the rectory or fill out the request form.

  • Sacrament of the Sick

    If anyone is seriously ill at home, please notify the Rectory office at 226-3183.

    Please do not wait until your loved one is at a critical point to be anointed. If you or a loved one is being hospitalized please tell the hospital when they are being admitted or as soon as possible that they are Catholic.

    Hospitals no longer ask this question. If you or a loved one is homebound and would like to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament, please call the Rectory Office.