Bereavement Ministry

  • One of the most difficult times in the life of any family is the death of a loved one. This is not forgotten after the funeral.

    We, as a community of faith, know that our loved ones are in their eternal rest, though we mourn for our loved one and ourselves. The process of family healing may take a long time.

    Our ministers visit the family to explain the Funeral Rite and welcome their help to participate in the Rite in whatever way they are able. After the Funeral, ministers stay in contact with the family over the course of the first year through notes, phone calls, and/or visits. It is a ministry that fills a great need to the grieving members of our parish.

    Won’t you become part of this important ministry?!

    On the road to Emmaus, Jesus (as bereavement minister) “walked with” and “listened to” the mourners.