The Parish of Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace

& St. Veronica


The Seven



Sacraments are outward signs of inward grace,

 instituted by Christ for our sanctification.

                                                            St. Augustine


The seven sacraments are drawn from the love that Jesus has for all of us as shown in his life, passion, death, and resurrection. Just as Christ is fully human and divine, so the sacraments have a human and a divine aspect. The sacraments are about God’s loving involvement in our lives.


The Sacraments of Initiation

these Sacraments are needed to be a full Catholic


Holy Communion



Sacraments of Healing

- For the healing of mind, body and spirit


Anointing of the Sick


Sacraments of Service

-for the salvation of others, to build up the People of God.


Holy Orders





If you are interested in one or more of these sacraments,

please call the Rectory at 570 226-3183 or email